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Same day Court Marriage & Registration

Arya Samaj Marriage

Arya Samaj Court Marriage is a right place for you to perform Arya Samaj Marriage. Arya Samaj Mandir is holy institution which is empowered to perform such marriages by Govt. of India through "Arya Marriage Validation act 1937".

Simplicity is the major characteristics of Arya Samaj marriages in Punjab & Chandigarh. In our Arya Samaj Mandir marriages we provide all types of wedding services in a very safe and healthy atmosphere at a very nominal amount. Thus all in all we care for you joy at any rate by hook or by crook.

In our Arya Samaj Mandir marriage in Himachal Pradesh we often use very simple and easy means to solemnize the marriages. The wedding ceremony is conducted according to the instructions of Arya Marriage Validation Act XIX of 1937. In Arya Samaj Mandir marriage, worship is not performed. Because the Samaj doesn't believe in idol worship. Fire and other things are the lonely witnesses to the wedding ceremony.

Who Are Eligible

Arya Samaj Mandir marriage is suitable for Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains.

Documents Required

  • Boys should be above 21 years and girls above 18 year)
  • Affidavit:
  • Affidavit must be attested by Magistrate/S.D.M. or Notary Public with Register Entry No.)

  • Age Proof:-
  • ( Voter I.card, Driving Licence, Matriculation Certificate,) one of these.

  • Residence Proof:
  • Voter I.card, Driving Licence, Matriculation Certificate, Passport) (one of these).

  • Photograph:
  • ( 4 Passport size photo ) Boys & Girl both.

What We Do For You

Arya Samaj Court Marriage is a right place for you to perform Arya Samaj Marriage. Once any couple finalize the Arya Samaj Marriage, our Marriage experts the following tasks on the behalf of them :-

  • 1. Finalizing marriage date with the search of "Shubh Lagna or Muhurta" (If Require)

  • 2. Booking of Arya Samaj Mandir on the preferred date of Marriage

  • 3. Make an appointment with "Pandit Ji" to perform arya Samaj marriage

  • 4. Arrangement of necessary items which require in Holy Marriage Ceremony.

  • 5. Collection of necessary documents for Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate.

  • 6. Help in the Issuing the Marriage registration certificate without any delay.